Start with You

Start with You


Ever notice how much people talk about the Portsmouth area in the past tense?

“Portsmouth used to be a great little town.”
“Back in the day, Portsmouth was booming.”
“It used to be such a nice place.”

We hear these stories all the time, but what we don’t hear is what YOU are doing to make it better. No one is taking ownership of the problem. We can definitely point to several different problems but we aren’t offering solutions. I feel on one end it’s a mix of apathy and on the other end of the spectrum is lack of knowledge.

Want to make the community better? Start with yourself first. You can’t impact change to others unless you’re willing to change yourself for the better first. The first step will begin by looking inwards.

Each of us have a gift and calling on this Earth. Every single person has that feeling inside of them – that one thing that makes you happy, that makes you feel alive. It’s different for each person – a coach, a designer, a doctor, a brewer, a baker – we all have that perfect combination of skills, aptitude, and desire that is your calling in life.

Are you waking up each day answering that call, giving your gift/art to others or are you hitting the snooze button to a life you don’t enjoy?

One thought I reflect on each day is that:


That day might be today, tomorrow, a week from now, or God willing 70 years from now. But regardless, I woke up one day closer to that inevitable death. That death is not to be feared, what is to be feared is spending those years walking dead – waking up each day to an existence not to a life. What legacy and impact will you leave when that day comes?

Start with being the best version of yourself. Wake up early and go sweat. Don’t just “work out”, push yourself – build yourself – build your capacity – make yourself BETTER.

“superiority lies with him who is reared in the severest school.” – Thucydides

You’ve got to set fire to the weakness. Burn it and be done with it. The weakness no longer controls you, your thoughts, your decisions, and your actions.


Give the world the toughest, strongest, most loving version of yourself. That’s how you impact the kind of change our community and country need.

We’ve got enough complainers, go be the solution.

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