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 We just want to let you know you’re welcome here.

No matter your current shape, age, or ability: you are exactly the kind of person we want to work with and be around, just someone who wants to be a little better than they were yesterday.

PSKC is not for people who are already fit, we are a community of people who became fit. Each and every person at this gym has been in your shoes…a beginner…a student..a first timer. We all know what it’s like, and we all wish we had started sooner.

There’s a great group of people waiting to cheer you on and celebrate your success. There’s a phenomenal group of coaches whose knowledge is matched by their passion to see you succeed and we offer a variety of different programs all guaranteed to make you better.

Not sure where to start? Send us an email by clicking HERE. We will email you back and schedule a time for a free workout with a coach!


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