St. Paddy’s Weekend Details

St. Paddy’s Weekend Details

Pops mid workout “pause for the cause”..

In case you were wondering…this weekend will be epic!

Here’s the agenda:

0900 – regular class
530pm regular class. For the class EVERYONE will be doing 13.2 workout. We will scale down so everyone can get a flavor for a Crossfit Open workout. People who have not registered for the Open will go first. Immediately following that we will begin to film folks who have registered for the Open and stay there as long as it takes. The evening will be capped off as Derick and Dale go head to head in the “muscle bear” option of the workout. Anyone else wanting to throw down on some one legged push presses, deadlifts, and box jumps are welcome!

the muscle bear wants YOU!

Here’s what we need from you on Friday:
1) Be f@cking awesome!
2) Bring Ipads or cameras for filming/timers
3) Create an AMAZING atmosphere. Come early and stay late and scream your ass off as you root your teammates on! Pump TONS of positive and encouraging atmosphere in the gym.
4) After your heat stay after, have a beer or two (21+) and be awesome. We will be probably grab dinner afterwards.

0700-0730 – Registration for local charity 5K “Shamrock Shuffle“. Some folks will be going to run/walk/jog/sprint this great event for charity in the morning.

1000 – We will be hosting PHS Football team for team training. Derick will be giving a motivational speech to the athletes on overcoming adversity. Any and all are welcome to come watch and/or hangout.

1200 – Annual St. Paddy’s Day Pain Clinic aka “Burpees & Beer”. We’ll throwdown at the Pain Clinic then as soon as we’re done roll down to Port City for St. Paddy’s Day festivities! We’re rolling straight dirty/nasty!

Come down starting tomorrow night and let’s make it a good day to be awesome!

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