Spring Cleaning Contest

Spring Cleaning Contest

Join this Spring for the Spring Cleaning Nutrition & Movement contest!

Starting April 2nd we are cleaning out all the toxins and poison that we soak into our bodies by cleaning up our food and doing some sort of movement everyday for the duration of the contest. 

This challenge is not about losing weight in terms of pounds but changing body composition. More importantly it’s about giving you all the tools to institute the necessary behavior changes to become healthier and stronger for a lifetime. 

Spring Cleaning involves:

-FOOD – eating lean proteins, fruit, and veggies in the proper portions. 

-SLEEP – allowing for AT LEAST 7 hours a sleep per night

-MOVEMENT – hitting workouts in the gym and doing some sort of daily movement practice (working out at home, running, hiking, yoga, etc)

Spring Cleaning is for:

-Anybody who wants to participate with the information provided, HOWEVER, in order to weigh in to measure body fat percentage and have a chance at winning a cash prize, entry fee is $10 (makes it a little more fun/competitive for everyone)

Spring Cleaning begins:

Really, anytime you’d like, but weigh ins will run from Wednesday, March 28th-April 2nd. The challenge for the cash prize begins April 2nd, and no more weigh ins will take place after April 2nd until final weigh ins.

Spring Cleaning ends:

Final weigh ins will run from May 14th-May 18th

What is the competition about?

For just $10, you will enjoy accountability, competition, and all “entry fees” go into a money pool for a chance to win a cash prize. A cash prize will be awarded for top male and top female. The male/female with the most points wins. Point values are as follows:

Eating clean- 1 point

Eating to portion- 1 point

Logging into Wodify for your workout- 2 points

Daily movement outside of the gym and posting a photo to the Spartan You page- 1 point

Each % of change in body fat-10 points

We are focusing on body fat lost, not the pounds on the scale. We are athletes, we aren’t training hard in the gym to starve and lose muscle.

Recording your meals, proper portioning sizes, and daily movement will be accounted for by YOU on a poster board in the gym (honor system). 

What is considered eating clean/to portion?

165# and over should eat 4 meals a day

Under 165# should eat 3 meals a day

1 meal should include:

Palm size of protein (eggs, chicken, cold water fish, the leaner meats, the better)

Cupped hand of fruit/starches (strawberries, sweet potato, squash)

Fist size of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, etc, but the more veggies, the BETTER)

Thumb size of fats (grass fed butter, olive oil, nuts. This will typically be stuff you use to cook food with)

See VIDEO for full details

We would love to see as many people as possible to commit and succeed with this contest. You have to be IN the entire 6 weeks, because if you fall off after week 2, you’re not going to see the results you want to see. This takes dedication, commitment, and drive. If you wish to participate in the challenge, Carley will keep an envelope in the front office for entry fees and arrange a time with a coach to conduct your weigh ins so they are properly recorded (before or after class time, not during).

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