Special Saturday Pain Clinic & New Beginners’ Program – Monday 7pm

Special Saturday Pain Clinic & New Beginners’ Program – Monday 7pm

Ninjy and Quadzilla attacking 12.3

We are starting a new beginners program on Monday at 7pm. Email us to reserve your slot!

Now is crunch time! We have less than one week remaining in the 25 day Paleo challenge. Pounds have been dropping right along with PRs. Stay strong! It’s only 25 days, don’t look back when it’s over and regret the fact you didn’t commit. Just think how awesome Saturday, St Paddy’s Day will be!

Speaking of which…we will be holding a very special Saturday Pain Clinic on St Paddy’s Day aka BURPEES AND BEER! This year will be great as we’ll be celebrating a beer drinker’s favorite holiday and more importantly celebrating the end of the 25 Day challenge with an epic “variety” day. Last year was a great time…this year of course will be more awesomer.

will this still be Ninjy’s fuel on Saturday?

Here’s the tentative weekend timeline, keeping in mind we have to incorporate the filming of the 12.4 workouts.

Friday –
5pm-6pm Class
6pm-8pm – filming of the 12.4 workouts (2 at a time)

Saturday –
9am – 11am – filming of the 12.4 workouts
11am-12-m – PAIN CLINIC
12pm-1230ish – hang out and drink a few brews as a way to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day and celebrate the end of the 25 Day challenge. BYOB for the 21+ crowd.
1230ish – 2pmish – Party moves to Portsmouth Fred’s Pizza as some brave souls take on the 26inch challenge. This ought to be interesting considering some folks haven’t had pizza and/or dairy in close to 4 weeks.
2pmish -on – We move down to Port City for St. Paddy’s Day festivities!

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