Special Saturday Intro at 10am…

Special Saturday Intro at 10am…

No one messes with the MUSCLE HAMSTER….no one!

Click the photo for the full effect

As you can see…Sara “the muscle hamster” is no joke. That’s a total of 106 lbs she’s rowing/cleaning/pressing…impressive to the say least.

But that’s how we roll…training for how you look will only get you so far…we are more concerned with how we perform and overall athleticism/health. And guess what, when you’re strong, powerful, and fast you will look that way too. To “look” like an athlete, you gotta train like one…plain and simple.

For females especially…who cares if you’re skinny. Almost every time skinny = weak, and the weak get trampled in the real world. Strong is definitely the new skinny…click here for some inspiration (dudes you will appreciate it too)  http://practicalpaleolithic.com/paleolithic-diet-blog/is-strong-the-new-skinny

A lot of the time I get asked questions like what is the difference between what you do at PSKC and the XYZ (insert any other group fitness class offered somewhere else) classes? I could offer up a very long list of the differences….but the real simple answer is….train at the XYZ class for one month and then train at PSKC for one month …the person you become after training at PSKC for one month would physically dominate that same person from the XYZ class. I know that sounds rather brash…but it is the truth. Come find out for yourself…we are doing a special Saturday intro at 10am…then stick around for the 11am Pain Clinic. See you guys then!

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