Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required

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CrossFit is hard…challenging, demanding…it requires maximum effort. The same can be said for life. Now just imagine going through your everyday life without a leg…or without an arm. Now take it a step further and imagining doing CrossFit as an amputee. Your excuses just became invalid…your complaints and gripes about hard workouts just fell on deaf ears.

Doing thrusters with 1 arm, wall ball shots with 1 leg…these are the daily workouts of adaptive athletes.

On Saturday, March 1st at 2pm in  Columbus, Ohio  team Some Assembly Required  will throw-down at the Arnold Midwest Affiliate Gathering. Some Assembly Required is composed of 6 adaptive athletes (3 males/3 females) from across the country. They are not competing in an adaptive or even scaled division. They are going head to head against 40 other teams of CrossFitters in a 90 minute grueling multiple event competition. They are not going there to simply participate, they are going there to compete against some of the top CrossFit athletes in the MidWest.

This is all apart of the weekend activities being put on by CrossFit Endeavor at the  MidWest Community Throwdown at The Arnold Classic. In addition to Saturday’s team competition, on Friday hundreds of CrossFitters will be tackling the first 2014 CrossFit Open workout (14.1). 3 of the athletes on Some Assembly Required will also be doing 14.1 at the Arnold at 5pm.

Some Assembly Required is a diverse group of athletes comprised of wounded warriors, firefighters, CrossFit coaches/athletes, and track athletes. Their injuries range from received on the battlefield, congenital, or a result of automobile accidents. No matter the cause, their determination, tenacity, and spirit inspire us all equally.

Derick: Click HERE for video


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Krystal: click HERE for video



Getting these folks to Columbus is no easy task, when you factor in flights, hotels, and meals the cost for a 6 person team quickly adds up. The first person we asked for support was our good friends at Rogue American Apparel, without hesitation they jumped on board and became the title sponsor for the team. After reaching out to and being denied by several big corporations for support,  those who truly care came to the aid of the team. We want to thank the following companies and non-profit organizations for taking care of these guys.






The best part about the sponsors is that they are small veteran owned companies/organizations that stepped up to make this team possible. When big corporations focused on greed, these guys focused on giving. We cannot thank them enough.

So please make plans to attend the Arnold this year and come meet Team Some Assembly Required. When they’re not competing they will be located at the Rogue American Apparel  tent inside the grand ballroom.

Feed off their energy and tenacity…let them show you anything is possible.

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