So Much Room for Activities!

So Much Room for Activities!

Saturday morning crew..

This weekend we assembled some much needed new gear and did a little spring cleaning. We now have a monster 24ft Rogue rig that frees up a bunch more racks and room for pullups. We also got some Ohio bars and a few benches. This Saturday at the Pain Clinic we had around 30 folks and had plenty of space and equipment to go around.

I wanna send a very special thanks to the over 20 folks who helped assemble, move stuff around, and help out and of course a big shout out to our own Handyman leading the effort.

We’ve been getting some questions in regards to the new rates, so I’ll do my best to answer the most frequently asked ones:

New rates go into effect May 4th. Current members, and anyone who signs up before May 4th we will lock you into your current rate IF you do the following two things.
1) Sign a one year contract
2) Enroll in online autopay

It’s that simple.

So if you’re currently enrolled in autopay, all you gotta do is sign the contract stating you’ll do autopay for 1 year. We will have the contracts at the gym later this month for you all to sign.

If you’re paying at the desk, prior to May 4th you’ll need to enroll in online payments and sign the contract.

So now is the time to get signed up and get locked in. Anyone that comes down after May 4th, will be subject to the new rates. Be sure to pass the word along to your friends.

So if you’ve been wanting to check out and try CrossFit…now is the time! You will not a find a better deal. You’ve got around 30 days to become a member at the old rates. To become a member you have to register and complete the beginners program. We only take 5 people per beginners program. Our next program starts Monday at 6:30pm. Email to grab a slot!

Finally, the 3rd Annual Gauntlet is filling up! Currently there are over 20 folks who have signed up. This will be sure to sell out. We’re capping the event at 60 folks. We’re also actively seeking corporate sponsors for the event. If you’d like to sponsor this year’s Gauntlet, click HERE for more info. Don’t forget, a portion of the proceeds will go towards the Battling for Boston fund.

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