Sleigh Push – Jingle Bell Jog – Saturday 9am

Sleigh Push – Jingle Bell Jog – Saturday 9am

I trust everyone is relaxing on the couch recovering from a 3 day assault of BAD FOOD. If you’ve changed the way you eat, isn’t it amazing just how awful that bad food makes you feel? Sure, it tastes great on the way down, but 5 minutes after you’re done eating you turn into a horrible gassy bloated mess, a farting machine with distended belly.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t started today, we will get you back on the right track starting Monday with great workouts at the compound and eating the PRIMAL/PALEO way. Just don’t let yourself have the excuse of “it’s the Holidays”. If you let it slide now, before you know it 6 weeks have gone by and you’ve lost all your hard earned progress. Stick to your guns…and stay on the 80/20-90/10 rule. And whatever you do…keep training HARD.

That’s why we made sure to program was awesome workouts over the last 4 days to counteract the caloric and sugar assault from Thanksgiving. Wednesday was Fran, and I’m pretty sure we have the record for the tallest person to complete Fran…the big man himself…

On Thanksgiving Day we rocked a special 9am lactic acid workout to get the day started on the right track.

Then on Friday, Trappy came up with a nasty lil number entitled “Black Friday”. It was an alternating ladder of kettlebell push presses and air squats.
20 push presses r/l
1 air squat
19 push presses r/l
2 squats

1 push press r/l
20 air squats

That’s a total of 210 push presses per arm and 210 squats. The fastest times were low 20s with most folks finishing around a half hour. It was a great way to sweat out the gravy.

Finally, on Saturday we had our traditional 9am Pain Clinic. It was a PACKED house. Close to 30 folks working off some pumpkin pie.

We’ve got another action pack week at the compound. The highlight will be on Saturday at the Red Cross Jingle Bell Jog. Click HERE to sign up and register. PSKC will be participating in the Jingle Bell Jog on Saturday. As usual, you guys don’t just wanna “run”. So here’s the deal, we will be pushing a S10 truck for the entire 3.1 miles! 

The more people the better! Here’s the plan. We will need one person at all times to be in the driver’s seat and steer the ship. We will need a minimum of 4 people to push the truck, every 1-2  blocks or 30 seconds we will switch out the pushing crew. So 4 new folks will come in and push the truck. The 4 that just came off from pushing will run/jog alongside the truck or hop up into the bed.

So the more people we have the more pushing crews we can assemble the fresher our legs will be. Make sure you register and come ready to be awesome. Where else can you be this crazy and have this much fun?

Due to Saturday’s activities there will be some changes in the schedule:

This week’s intro will be at 5pm on Saturday.

Saturday’s Pain Clinic will be moved up to 11am.

If you’re down to push “Santa’s Sleigh” please post it on the Facebook page by clicking HERE. This will be epic! You don’t want to miss it….see you all tomorrow.

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