Sled Dawgs

Sled Dawgs

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“You want to improve your mental toughness? Try this – BE TOUGHER”
-Jocko Willink


POWER CLEAN AND SPLIT JERK 1RM (establish heavy single for the day)

This is really a power clean and shoulder to overhead. Whatever gets you the most weight over your head. Be powerful and get after it.


Metcon (Time)

Teams of 4 – team splits into pairs. One pair working at a time. Each pair must complete all reps before tagging out the next pair.

3 rounds:

50 x double unders (100 singles) per person

25 x Russian swings per person

Cash out – 400m team sled drag – sled loaded with 4 plates. Each pair drags sled (one person per handle) and switches out as necessary. Teamwork and communication is vital on this one.

Mod 1 – lighten KB weight, reps stay the same

Mod 2 – decrease reps to 15 on swings

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