Sissy Test

Sissy Test

One of the toughest girls at PSKC moments after the Sissy Test

Thursday night witnessed the inaugural Sissy Test experience at PSKC. As much as I wish I could take credit for developing such a terrible thing, the Sissy Test was developed by a Senior Russian Kettlebell Instructor Brad Nelson. So what is it?….

It’s a combo of 2 exercises; the kettlbell swing and the dreaded burpee in an alternating ladder format…it works like this.

25 swings/ 1 burpee
24 swings, 2 burpees
23 swings, 3 burpees
22 swings, 4 burpees
all the way down to..
1 swing, 25 burpees

In the beginning…when everyone’s mind and body were fresh

So quick hillbilly math…that’s 325 swings and 325 burpees…a very disturbing test of the physical and more so of the mental fitness.

And the after…exhausted after a combined total of 650 reps

Everyone did a fantastic job. I honestly did not expect over 20 people to show up for this. That’s is one of my proudest days in the gym. After I purposely tried to scare people into how awful it would be, I thought I might get a handful to show up and take the Sissy Test…but over 20?? That’s just simply amazing and beautiful.

Now think back to 2 months ago when we started this whole thing…after your first workout with kettlebells, imagine if I would have told you…”in 2 months from now we’re going to do a workout that involves 325 swings and 325 burpees and it will take around 50 minutes non-stop work to complete” would have told me to go hell…but the great part is only have a few shorts months you guys are living for stuff like the Sissy Test…you come in look on the board and destroy whatever God awful mess of a workout is written up there. You complete these workouts as a badge of honor and rightfully so. And on top of all this…strength is being gained, pounds are being lost, and goals are being attained. That’s why it was one of my proudest nights in the gym so far….cannot wait for what the future holds.

A big thank you to all of those who came in and killed the Sissy Test!!

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