Sissy Test Preparation

Sissy Test Preparation

Sweat Angel via full Sissy Test

Okay guys….just managed the mad evil journey that is the Sissy Test in 40 minutes 50 seconds. Now don’t worry I won’t be posting a spoiler as to what it is actually is…I’ll have a full blown recap after you guys kill it tomorrow. So here are some tips for you all to prepare..

No matter the temperature inside the gym you will get hot. As I was cranking Rollins Band in the gym by myself, I had to take the shirt off because it was becoming a sweaty steamy mess…I would venture to say the gym was around 50 degrees and I was pouring sweat…that’s a good thing because I properly hydrated.’s the first tip;

1) START DRINKING WATER NOW…AND KEEP DRINKING. Bring a water bottle with you and set it beside’ll need it.

2) Dress in layers..after you start getting warm, you can peel them off. Don’t worry I’ll be getting torpedo heaters in the near future to see us through the winter.

2) Come in with an empty gut…this a twofold message. Have plenty of good calories in you, but don’t eat any one big meal throughout the day. Second part…make sure you poop beforehand. Seriously, I’m half joking and being half serious. You don’t any type of gastrointestinal roadblocks popping up…no need to have butt mudd on your cleats slowing you down on the field during the game if you know what I’m saying..

3) MUSIC – If you don’t like my music or want your own IPOD…go for it. There’s not much to coach during the sissy test, so feel free to plug in and rock out

4) Keep going…in all honesty you’ll be fine, I’m making a bigger deal out of it than it is, purposely trying to pysche you guys out…it will be challenging but all you guys will do fine.

Now here’s the real test…let’s see how many people are actually going to show up to class tomorrow. Will it be you? Are you willing to accept a challenge? To get outside your comfort zone and see it through to the end? Or will you back down and shy away? What will happen when you’re faced with a REAL LIFE challenge…what will happen then? Let these sessions give you the confidence that you can and will be the one standing at the end…there’s a difference between THINKING you can endure versus KNOWING you can…

Remember, you have 2 options for class times tomorrow 6pm or 7pm.

PS..This week has been a great week at PSKC…lots of exciting things are in the works for PSKC in the near future.

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