Sign up for the Crossfit Open!

Sign up for the Crossfit Open!

Barbabooie enjoy a nice Saturday morning ride. 

The Crossfit Open is upon us. Last year we had a great time as a group competing against other individuals/gyms. This year instead of the time consuming videotaping/submission, every Saturday we’ll be traveling as a group to Crossfit Countdown in Ashland to hit up the workouts. If you can’t make it that Saturday, it’s your responsibility to get with a coach and have your workout videoed and submitted to the Games website.

We highly encourage you guys to sign up and join team PSKC no matter if you think you’re a “competitor”, it’s a great time in a great community.

Click HERE to sign up, we need you to be registered prior to March 6th. Once you’re registered, all you do is join team PSKC.

On Friday we said to goodbye to Drago and Ludmilla. You guys will be sorely missed and you’re welcome back anytime. Best of luck with the new job!

This week we’re taking a deload week from heavy lifting. We’ll be working on some skills in addition to throwing some awesome conditioning workouts your way.

This week we have two beginners programs:
Wednesday and Thursday at 630pm

Be sure to email to grab a slot.

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