Shirts are in…

Shirts are in…

“PSKC – In a town devasted by weakness, I CHOOSE STRENGTH”

The shirts are in and they are bad ass….as much as I would like to take credit for my fashion designing skills, my good friend and ass kicking PSKC’r Sara designed the logos. I just told her what I was thinking of and she worked her artist magic…
So for those of you who pre-ordered the shirts are at the gym….$15 a shirt. I will reserve your shirt for the next week, then after that we will let capitalism do its thing. I did order some extras…but not a lot. After those who pre-ordered get their shirts…it will be first come first serve, or who wants to pay the most!

Onto the workout…unfortunately as it’s officially winter which means it’s dark at like 2:30pm and we had our first snow so we’re kind of limited on incorporating running into our workouts….but have no fear high rep step ups will do the trick. Today’s effort was inspired by Sherpas. If you don’t know what/who Sherpas are…
1) do pushups, no make that burpees. When you’re done google Sherpa…seriously stop watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and turn the channel to the Discovery Channel

Basically, they are the hard working mutants who do all the work for the rich white man who wants to climb Everest.

So the workout was
5 rounds of
30 Step Ups each leg (60 total)  minimum of 18″ box
6 KB Clean & Press (r/l)
*if you felt up to it you’re more than welcome to wear a weighted pack or weight vest to heighten your experience.
I broke out the trusty ruck sack with around 40lbs, and did the clean and presses with a 24kg kb and managed to complete it in around 26 minutes.

Here’s some interesting math….if one wanted to ascend a vertical mile that’s 5280 ft…being in Southern Ohio, Sunrise Hill is our tallest “peak”…so how would we replicate a mile high experience?

Setting the boxes at 18 inches high…
5280(ft) x 12 (in) = 63360 total inches
63360 / 18 (each step on the box) = 3520 total step ups on the box or 1760 step ups each leg…

Hmmmmm….1760 step ups each leg on a 18″ box to mimic a straight up mile long vertical ascent. Anyone interested in this experiment? Drop a comment to discuss…..

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