Shaking Off the Christmas Hangover..

Shaking Off the Christmas Hangover..

Christmas cookies, Christmas cookies, and more cookies. It was good to get back in the gym and shed off the junk food funk. We had a really good showing this morning and also got to watch Ninjy do her birthday burpees!

happy birthday Ninjy!

This week there will be some minor schedule changes for the New Years week. All evening classes this week will be at 6pm only. Here’s the breakdown:

Tuesday – 6pm only
Wednesday – 9am & 6pm
Thursday – 6pm (we will still host the deadlift crew at 7pm)
Friday – 9am & 5pm
Saturday – 9am Pain Clinic

We will start back on regular schedule Monday, January 2nd. Also speaking of New Years we are changing the way we do our intro classes. Intro classes will now be by appointment only and they will cover 2 X 1 hour sessions. As a beginner you must complete both 1 hour fundamental sessions before you can attend regular classes. Cost for the beginner’s program is $40.

We are now accepting positions for the first beginners program. Please email me at: to reserve your spot now. Make 2012 your strongest, healthiest, and funnest year yet!

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