September 11th Throwdown

September 11th Throwdown

couples bonding over burpees and box jumps

By now you guys know we are are huge supporter of helping out worthy causes. In less than the year that we’ve been open, PSKC has contributed to the following causes.

Steven Hunter A. Hope Fund
Hike for Hospice
Local Regional USMC Recruiting Center
Portsmouth Little League
Portsmouth Farmers Market
And we also do what we can to help out members when they’re going through a tough time.

Does your gym do this? Didn’t think so…

Now I need you guys to step it up even more. I have registered PSKC in the 9-11 Throwdown

What is the 9-11 throwdown?

“Ten years ago the make up of human existence was forever altered. The attacks on September 11 2001 challenged the core values of American society. Over the last ten years we have fought harder then ever imagined to rebuild and restore America’s values. In our darkest hour we surged through to the light on the backs of the military and patriotic people across the nation.

On September 11 2011 we mark the ten year anniversary of the attacks on America. In order to honor the sacrifice of those who lost their lives on that horrific day as well as the War on Terror we are asking everyone to come together and throw down on an EPIC WOD and compete across the country as Boxes to raise the most money. (You don’t have to belong to a box to do the WOD…donate anyway) All proceeds go directly to the Disposable Heroes Project!!!

So, on Sunday September, 11th PSKC will host the 9-11 Throwdown Workout:

2001 meter row or run

36/24in box jump
125/85 thruster (number of Pentagon deaths)
Burpee chest to bar pull ups
175/120 power clean (AA Flight #175 – south tower)
Hand stand push ups
2 pood/1.5 pood swings
Toes to bar
170/120 lb DL (Flight 77 and flight 93)
110/75 push jerk (number of floors in each tower)

End with 2001 meter run or row

In addition to simply participating in the workout as a way to honor the lives lost in 9-11. More importantly, I am asking you guys to donate $ to a cause that’s very near and dear to my heart; The Disposable Heroes Project (DHP)

DHP’s mission is to raise money for our Wounded Vets and spread awareness and thanks for our fallen troops and the ones that still serve us today. They essentially raise money to go take care of our wounded warriors and their families. The organization was founded by a former Marine, Brad McKee who ran a 100 miles straight to raise money and awareness for our wounded warriors..

As a registered gym in this competition, we are competing against several other gyms across the country to see who can raise the most money for the Disposable Heroes Project. Prize packages will be awarded to the top 3 gyms who donate the most money to the DHP:
1st: Set of Bumpers, 24 in Plyo Box, Squat rack from HI Temp
$75 Gift Certificate from PROGENEX
$100 Gift Certificate from ROK
Med Ball from MediCore
2 Kettle Bells from Nu Era Fitness

2nd: 3 $100 Gift Certificates from Wright Rubber
$50 Gift Certificate from PROGENEX
$100 Gift Certificate from ROKFIT
Med Ball From Medicore

3rd: 2 $100 Gift Certificates from Wright Rubber
$20 Gift Certificate from PROGENEX
$100 Gift certificate from ROKFIT
Med Ball from MediCore

How can you help?

Donate directly to DHP by clicking HERE. Or you can stop by the gym and give us your donation and we will do it for you. Remember, these donations are 100% tax deductible. Whatever amount you donate, make sure you remember to tell me so I can include it in the gym total.

Also, if you want you can pick up a sweet ass 9-11 Throwdown Shirt that my boy John at Infidel USA designed for this event. If you purchase one (cost is $25) $5 goes towards your donation total. We will put together a mass order for the t-shirts. I will need your money and size no later than Friday, August 19th. And yes girls…they come in chick sizes too!

it also comes in chick’s sizes too

Every little bit helps…I’m calling on you guys to please support this noble and honorable cause. Always remember…good things happen to good people. If you have never had the fortunate pleasure of personally knowing the type of person a wounded warrior is…I invite you to read Derick’s story by clicking HERE…. by the way he just bench pressed 455lbs yesterday   :)

See you at the compound!

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