September 11th Fundraiser Final Details

September 11th Fundraiser Final Details

Tomorrow there will only be two class options:

We will be doing a very special workout in honor of the lives lost on September 11th. The workout will also act as a fundraiser for a veteran organization. We are asking each and every person to make any size donation that will be gathered up and submitted directly to Team Red White and Blue.

If you want to write out a check please make it payable to:
Team Red White and Blue

For the workout we will put you on a team of no less than 5 people. The entire team must climb a total of 2730 feet. 2730 feet is the combined height of both the World Trade Towers. That breaks down to 234 rope climbs. If you haven’t mastered the rope climb yet, PLEASE COME ANYWAYS! We will provide you with a substitute/modification that anyway can do. You will lay flat on your back and pull yourself up to the standing position. You will do this twice and that will equal one full rope climb. EVERY CLIMB WILL HELP YOUR TEAM.

Please remember to dress appropriately. I recommend wearing boots for this workout. Also wear long pants or heavy duty long socks, anything that will protect your shin/ankle area from rope burn.


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