See You on Saturday for the Open House!

See You on Saturday for the Open House!

Darren getting some!

It’s been an awesome week of training….people are getting their pullups, deadlifting like Chuck Norris, and bringing the heat!

On Wednesday we went heavy with deadlift…we always give a block of instruction on the proper form and safety. People tend to get scared of pulling heavy weight…as long as you lock the back into a rigid spine and brace your abs…deadlifting will make you one strong and capable human. I love watching people go for heavy weight when they’ve never do such a thing before…we had 3 chicks pull 225 on Wednesday and it was epic.

Don’t forget about Saturday’s activities. Let your friends know the intro starts at 9:30am -11am. Pain Clinic right afterwards..and we’ll have the doors open from 930-noonish for anyone that wants to stop by and see what the gym is all about…see you guys then!
A couple of things to remember…I plan on putting the “Stop Staring at My Traps” tank top order in by the end of next week. Due to the material of the tank top that you guys wanted, the cost will be $30 a tank top. So make sure you put your name down for a shirt.
Also, the deadline for registering for the Gauntlet is May 2nd. You have to register and pay in order to get the t-shirt!
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