Scioto County Gym Challenge Registration

Scioto County Gym Challenge Registration

Our next event is rapidly approaching! On 13OCT12, a bunch of local gyms in Scioto County have joined together to put on a team fitness challenge. Click HERE for event details. 
So far it looks like we might be putting in an 9 teams for the event! And it’s not too late if you want to get on a team. 
We all have to be registered no later than Friday. I need one person from each team to act as the Captain, just need you to make sure you get your team’s name, shirt sizes, and money. The cost is $50/team ($12.50/person). I need your registration form and money no later than the 530pm class on Friday. Just drop the form and money off to a coach at the gym. Once we’ve got each team’s registration sheet and money, we’ll then take it up to the Lifecenter so we’ll all be good to go.

HERE to download the registration form/event details for your team.


Finally, a big shout to Ninjy. She’s come such a long way since her first day in the gym. She struggled with pressing the 18lb kettlebell. She now deadlifts well over 300lbs and can dominate a kettlebell complex with man’s weight!

Through dedicated hard work, progress is inevitable. We’re here to show you the right way to getting the results you want. Our next beginners program for this week is Thursday at 630pm. Email to grab a slot!

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