Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes

We’re making a few small changes to the schedule based on feedback and the fact that Coach Ash will be at the Fire Academy for the next few weeks. So here’s what we got:

The 6amsausagefest will now be the 5:30amsausagefest on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This will give you an extra half hour and not be rushed into work.

The noon classes on Tuesday and Thursday are cancelled, however we’re going to have an open gym option at 1pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays.

All other classes remain the same.

So the week will look like this:

Monday – 530am, 9am, 430pm (open gym), 530pm, 630pm

Tuesday – 9am, 1pm (open gym), 430pm (open gym), 530pm, 630pm

Wednesday – 530am, 9am, 1pm (open gym) 430pm (open gym), 530pm, 630pm

Thursday -9am, 1pm (open gym), 430pm (open gym), 530pm, 630pm

Friday – 530am, 9am, 530pm

Saturday – 8am (open gym), 9am Pain Clinic

As usual, we’re always looking for your feedback, so let us know what options you’d like to see!

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