Saturday’s Success…

Saturday’s Success…

Chris at the end of the workout
Father Daughter Burpees..

Around 20 people showed up for a great workout and donated over $500 was raised for the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund. It was a partner workout in the “you go, I go” format (e.g. partner 1 must complete all reps as partner 2 rests). So here’s the breakdown
3 rounds of
21 wall ball
21 jumping pullups
21 weighted situps
21 moving planks
*Also you had complete 2 X around the block farmers carry during the workout
*At the end of the 3rd round you and your teammate completed 21 burpees together to finish it out
21 reps of everything represented the age that Steven unexpectedly passed away.
We were fortunate enough to have Steven’s father Mark Hunter at the gym to watch and support everyone through the workout. Thank you guys very much for helping out!!
We are all geared up for another great week of training, can’t wait to see you all again!
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