Saturday’s St. Paddy’s Day Details: Pain Clinic = 11am

Saturday’s St. Paddy’s Day Details: Pain Clinic = 11am

One more day to go of the 25 Day Paleo Challenge. You guys have exceeded expectations. From performance gains to weight just feeling better and learning to eat’s been an event to remember. To those who stayed strong and denied the sugar/junk food/grain/dairy cravings..we salute you. Interesting personal craving throughout this whole 25 days was….Diet Coke. Considering how bad my cravings were for it…it can’t be good no matter the term “diet”. Just more proof that “the man” will find ways to keep you down.

To celebrate the end of the challenge and to coincide with Portsmouth’s St. Paddy’s Day festivities we’re gonna do it up right on Saturday! We will be filming the open workouts from 9-11am on Saturday then we’re gonna hit up the Pain Clinic class promptly at 11am. For those who truly wish to indulge in St. Paddy’s activities….it’s BYOB. No worries if you don’t’ll still get an ass kicker of a workout.

After the workout, we’re gonna head over to LaRosas for some beer and pizza. After our bellies are full (and no doubt bloated and gassy)…the crew will travel down to Port City Pub to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in style. All are welcome to come have a great time with great people. Now, I know what you’re thinking…how do you do a Paleo challenge then follow it up with beer and pizza. First of all…if you just thought that…you’re not cool and I’m sure you’re super awesome to hang out with.

In all seriousness…it’s pretty obvious we promote a healthy lifestyle…but we’re not food nazis. Stick to healthy eating 90% of the time and go balls out the other 10%…we train hard…and we have a good ass time as well. And I guarantee you come Saturday night/Sunday morning there will be some very bloated and gross feeling individuals which will only make you feel the need to go back to the Paleo reservation and eat the foods your body was designed to eat.

Finally, click HERE for a good read. It’s a story that’s very simliar to mine and I really appreciate this guy’s philosophy. Warning multiple f-bombs are thrown about.

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