Saturday Mudder Details

Saturday Mudder Details

Will there be any emotional breakdowns this year??

Hard to believe it’s that time of the year again…the Mudder is upon us! This year we’ve got around 25 folks signed up on Team PSKC ready to conquer the Tough Mudder (click HERE for course map). Also looks like the weather will be a little better this time around, highs being in upper 50s on Saturday and sunny.

Our start time is 1140am on Saturday. So here’s the logistics:

We will meet at the gym at 0830 and carpool to Maysville. Apparently if a car has 4 or more people you don’t have to pay the $10 parking fee.

The address of our parking area is:

4037 Kentucky 10, Maysville KY 41056

Once you arrive at the parking area. We’ll board a shuttle bus to the actual event.

Click HERE to go ahead and print/sign your waiver ahead of time.

Some tips:
Someone bring a roll of ducktape to tape around your shoelaces to your shoes. So hypothetically, if your shoe comes off in the mud your husband won’t have to use his teeth to untie your shoelaces so you can get your shoe back on.

The less clothes the better. No matter the temperature, you’re going to get soaked head to toe in freezing water and you’re going to get muddy. Accept this fact now, embrace it.

The more clothes you have on the more wet weight to carry around, and the more wet clothes you have the harder it is to get less is better.

Bring a bag to change out into. Bring a couple towels and a trash bag to put your nasty stuff into.

If you have any other questions, just post them on the PSKC page. See you maniacs on Saturday!

For those who missing out on the muddy goodness, we will still have the regular 9am Pain Clinic.

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