Saturday Details:

Saturday Details:

Got a friend who wants to try out CrossFit? Bring them down this Saturday at 9am for our monthly bring a friend. Any and all are welcome to come and check us out. Just show up around 845 to sign the waiver and that’s it!

After the bring a friend, we’ll be hosting a competitive athlete development seminar. This is for ALL local CrossFitters who are looking to get more active in local throwdowns/competitions. No matter your level you’ll benefit from this. We will cover in depth technique/tips for the movements  at the Beginners Thunder Throwdown and general strategies to use in competitions.

Specifically we will cover the following:

1) Mobility/warmup specific to the events

2) Rowing Technique – monitor display, damper setting, technique, pace to use for the 1K row

3) Front Squat – set up, what weights to open up with, technique, number of attempts

4) Snatch vs. Clean/Jerk, Box Jump vs. Step Up – technique of all above

5) Go through mini versions of the workouts so you get a feel for the real deal.


Due to a big interest in this, we’ve decided to open up 5 more slots. First come, first served. Email to reserve  your slot. Cost is $20

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