Saturday Competition Details: Need Volunteers

Saturday Competition Details: Need Volunteers

Saturday is shaping up to be an awesome day. There are 25 teams total competing including 12 from PSKC. What a great way to get out and prove there are people in the area who rally against the title “unhealthiest county in the State“.

You guys all know the events. As far as the actual day is concerned. Here’s your timeline:
0800-0900 – Registration
0900-0915 – Event briefing and event assignment
0915 – 1215ish – Scioto County Gym Challenge

1230 – Post event BBQ and beers. You guys pick em (LaRosas, BW3s, or Ray’s BBQ).

We need your help! We are supplying the weights/bars/ and kettlebells for the event. So if a few of you could meet up at the gym at 0730 for load out that would be tremendously appreciated.

Also WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! We need people to judge/count reps for the burpee/swing ladder, judge the deadlift event, and/or be runners. Please email me or hit up the PSKC Facebook page and let us know if you can help out, we can use all the help we can get!

the first steps of a very successful journey

Big congrats to Kristi on completing her first class! We’re looking for more hard workers to join her. This week’s beginners program are as follows:
Wednesday 630pm
Thursday 630pm

Email to grab your slot and start your journey.

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