Saturday April 23rd PSKC Intro and Open House

Saturday April 23rd PSKC Intro and Open House

What a great weekend! First off..the Daily Times did a great article on PSKC and it made FRONT PAGE! Top half of the front page at that! Here is the link to the online version..–Kettle-Bell-Club-uses-simple-tactics-to-stay-in-shape?instance=secondary_stories_left_column

A huge thanks to the Z-Beast for this. Z knows peoples who knows people

Also over the weekend, myself, Mo, and Shep had the great experience to attend the Crossfit Level I Trainer Course. What impressed me the most about the weekend was the level of quality of the instructors from the seminar staff. These guys were very impressive with not only the knowledge they possessed but their ability to convey it as well. We all learned a ton and can’t wait to bring the knowledge back to you all!

One of the first things we did bring back was a Crossfit Benchmark workout; “Fran” 21-15-9 of thrusters and pullups. But we changed the loading somewhat and did the thrusters with double kettlebells (2X26lb for chicks and 2X44lb for dudes)…it was still just as brutal. I love the fact that after doing this workout I cough like an 80 year old chain smoker for 2 days afterwards.

Finally, the intro for this week will be on Saturday (April 23). Which means we are cancelling the regularly scheduled intro on Wednesday. On Saturday we are having a special hour and a half intro session and “open house” (minus the cookies and punch). After the article was published, hopefully we’ll have some new interest from new folks. So here’s the deal for Saturday.

Kettlebell Intro: 9:30a-11am , we are adding a half hour to the intro class because we really want to take our time to safely and correctly the fundamental kettlebell exercises to the new folks.

11am-noon : Pain Clinic!

Open House: 9:30am-noonish, this is for those who are unsure if they want to attend the intro or just simply stop by and see what this “old-school exercise” is all about. Anyone can come in during this time and watch the intro class or see what the Pain Clinic is all about. Feel free to talk to any of the coaches or members during this time and get their opinions. Of course we all hang out for a little bit afterwards and answer any questions you guys have.

Please feel free to email me at: if you guys have any questions….can’t wait to meet the new folks on Saturday! Trust me, it will change your life…

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