Run, Swing, Jump, Rinse & Repeat.

Run, Swing, Jump, Rinse & Repeat.

PSKC CrossFit – CrossFit


KB Complex (1 x 1)

Work up to a heavy set of the following:

1 Russian Swing + 2 American Swings + 3 Goblet Squats


Metcon (Time)


Run 200m

(First run is with kettlebell)

15 Overhead Swings at Fire Hydrant 70/53

Return to gym,

Complete 15 Box Jumps (20/24)

**Final Run bring Kettlebell back to the gym

**All Kettlebell movements should be completed unbroken, including the run. If dropped, complete 5 burpees on the spot.

Mod 1: 53/35

Mod 2: 35/26, Step-ups

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