Room Temperature

Room Temperature

The fire once consumed me – I ran hot with optimism and hope for the person I would become.

Now I’m scrambling in search of coals, hoping to find one or two that are warm enough to flicker a flame.

The memories of who I was once was burned so bright – I can feel how hot my blood used to boil.

Then somehow my life became room temperature – the most mediocre of all temperatures. Just okay, just enough to get through, no danger nor excitement. Room temperature doesn’t pick sides – it’s neither hot or cold. It’s just the lukewarm feeling of safety and comfort. No sense of excitement, of risk, the butterflies in my stomach I used to feel have all but died from the cold. Frozen due to a lack of adventure and challenge.

The fire died because I stopped feeding it fuel. The axe I used to chop the wood to fuel my fire now lays dormant confined to a corner of the shed…rusty, dull, unused, covered in old dust and memories from years past.

Everyday I used to sharpen the axe

Everyday I drove the axe into the tree no matter how unconquerable the size appeared. 

Chopping every single day until the tree fell. 

The work was incredibly hard – calloused hands – tired shoulders and a sore back – but I felt so alive. Proud of what I did, proud of the work my mind demanded the body to accomplish.

Somehow along the way I stopped believing I needed to build and fuel a fire. I became accustomed to room temperature. Sure it isn’t as hot but it also requires no effort, but be careful, a lukewarm mediocre life doesn’t provide any pride or sense of accomplishment. You’re just waiting and hoping the central heat will kick on.

When’s the last time you stuck your blade into a tree and made a lasting mark. When’s the last time you were exhausted and your body ached? When’s the last time you felt a fire fueled by the logs you cut?

What example are you giving? If you aren’t blazing a fire for others to follow how can you expect to lead?

I hope you’re ready for the years to pass by and the embers to die.

If not, if you’re ready to grab your axe out from the shed…we will help you sharpen it. Just drop us an email HERE

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