Rogue Fitness: Proud Sponsor of the 2012 PSKC Gauntlet

Rogue Fitness: Proud Sponsor of the 2012 PSKC Gauntlet

Some companies talk about supporting the troops. Other companies set the example. Rogue Fitness leads by example.The have single handedly started a renaissance of American manufacturing, right in our backyard of Columbus, Ohio.

I will never forget traveling up to Rogue HQ back in 07 to get my first set of kettlebells. Back then it was a tiny warehouse with a couple employees. Fast forward to now, Rogue Fitness is a now a monster with their equipment featured in television, military gyms, college gyms…all over. A massive warehouse in Columbus with dozens of employees.

Having Rogue on board is huge. A big part of the Gauntlet is to raise some money for our local USMC recruiting station. During the event, we will have a donation bucket and what we are asking competitiors and spectators is to drop some cash in the bucket. At the end of the day, whatever you guys donate, PSKC will match up to $500. Whatever the total is we will turn around and present the local USMC recruiting station with a gift certificate from Rogue to purchase some much needed fitness equipment so the local young men and women can better prepare themselves for recruit training.

Once I floated the idea to Rogue HQ, they were all about it. They essentially replied and said

“damn straight, we’ll hook them up with a $500 gift certificate“.

Doesn’t get much more awesome than that. This is what I love about small veteran owned businesses. Their work ethic is unparalleled. Their support is undying. They never forget to support those that matter. Thank you Rogue Fitness, and thank you to all the sponsors for the Gauntlet.

Donna Wolery Insurance
Stakers Drugs
Infidel USA
Ironskull Fitness Kettlebells

The time is running out and slots are filling up quickly. We are now over 50% full on the slots. Come get in and be apart of the awesomeness. Later on in the week we will reveal some clues for event #2. Until then…click HERE to sign up now!

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