Road to the Open Prep

Road to the Open Prep


The CrossFit Open is quickly approaching! Just like last year we are bringing back the wildly awesome and successful Friday Night Lights. What is Friday Night Lights? It’s when we take everyone that has registered for the Open, break them down into 5 teams and they compete against each other for best overall team to win the PSKC Sword.

Here are some frequently asked questions/comments about participating in the Open:

How do I register? Go to the Crossfit Games site,  set up your account, pay the $20, and select PSKC as your team.

I don’t know if I’m ready to “compete”? Yes you are, go sign up. There’s a scaled division, masters divisions, teen division, and several other categories.

I just started, I don’t know if I can do this? Yes you can, go sign up.

I don’t want to hurt my team with. a bad score – It’s not about a “score”, it’s about being there pushing each other and going for the best YOU can do. The only way you can hurt your team is not participating.

I don’t know if I’m ready? Yes you are, the Open workouts are no different than a normal wod you’d see in a class. We will programming them into the week, so you’ll be doing regardless. Plus we are going to offer 2 seminars leading up to the Open to help you prepare. The first one will be offered Friday, February 12th at 630pm covering gymnastic/rowing/double under skills. The second one will be offered Friday, February 19th at 630pm covering weightlifting (the most common movements you’d see in the Open).

When do I need to sign up by? Friday, February 12th. On Saturday, the team captains will do the random draft and you’ll be notified which team you’re on. More importantly the smack talking can begin!

When’s the first workout? The first Friday Night Lights will be Friday, Feb 26th. Opening ceremonies and the celebrated head to head match-up kicks off at 530pm.

What if I can’t make the Friday evening times? No worries, just get with your team captain to set up an alternate time to get it done.

But seriously, can I do this? Damn right you can. Trust us, sign up – you’ll regret if you didn’t.


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