Resolutions or Goals?

Resolutions or Goals?

Damn Wes is fast…

Let me be very clear…I want you guys to be awesome.

As paying members to my facility there is a responsibility I take very seriously to provide you all with nothing but the best service and experience. I don’t want PSKC just to be simply known as a place where there is “hard workouts”. Any ass clown can put together hard workouts….what I want is for each of you to be better… EVERYTHING. I want PSKC to be a place where we produce amazingly strong willed, determined, physically capable and fun loving human beings. Now the question is…how do we get there? Like anything else we need a road map.

First of the year everyone is typically talking about “New Year’s Resolutions”. The top two typically tend to be eat better and exercise more or be “healthier”. Although filled with good intentions and vigor for change, quickly after a week or two the steam fizzles out and you return to whatever “routine” the majority of your life has been characterized by. What do we need to do for long term change…to see true progress? What I want is behavioral modification.

A while back I instituted the “Block Program”
And the idea is great…but I think we screwed up in the implementation. The goals are great as they give us a defined end point instead of the typical generic I want to be more “healthy”. But I think some of you guys might have set the bar a little high on the first go around and are getting a little discouraged because you didn’t nail that goal within 2-4 weeks, but you aren’t appreciating how far you’ve come in the process. So this is what we are going to do….

Re-evaluate how we are going to get there (redefining our goals)…

For example if my goal is to drive to California, I need a GPS to get my bald ass there and to make sure I’m “tracking” where I need to be. Before I can get to California I need to drive through Indiana, Illinois, etc… So even though my ultimate (long term) goal is to get to California, my immediate (short term) goal should be get to Indiana first. The faster I get to Indiana, the faster I get to California. Even though Cali is still a long way off from Hoosierville, I need to celebrate and appreciate how far I’ve come. Before you know it, you’ll be crossing over the Rockies and on the Golden Coast in no time.

“it’s not about the destination…it’s the journey that’s important”

But when you get there depends on how fast you drive and how many stops you took along the way….this is a key part. The GPS is great..but it’s up to your ass to drive the car.

So specifically….we are going to re think our goals. I want you guys to start thinking of goals you think you can obtain within 3-5 weeks from now and here is your guide…

1) A minimum of 3 times a week at the gym. 3 times a week will build your strength and conditioning base/foundation …once you feel good at 3/week…it’s time to get in 4-5/week. Here’s the kicker, simply saying 3 days a week is not enough, now you’ve got to choose those 3 days out of the week. Pick those days and don’t let any interruptions/distractions get in your way. Everyone on the West Side knows Wednesdays are “Mom Night” and no one messes with mom night. So I’m asking you to do the same for those evenings you selected. Commit to those days knows and if something does get in the way (life happens I know) then you know you need to get in an extra day that week.

2) Come to the gym 15-20 minutes early and put in work towards your goal. Ashley is a perfect example of this, she won’t be able to live with herself until she gets her first pullup. As much as I can I’m at the gym 30 minutes before the first class of the day. A couple of times Ashley has came in to work on her pullups. (See below). Take advantage of that time to work on your goals too…

In street clothes building up strength to get that first pullup. She has also bought a pullup bar for her house. 

3) Be ferocious in your commitment. How bad do you want to make a difference in your life? Are you tired of the same old shit year in and year out? Think of that period in your life when you were in the “best shape” of your life… what is your excuse that right now at this very moment …you aren’t in the best physical fitness of your life….that you aren’t in peak health? Are there any valid reasons why you aren’t in peak physical condition right now? Or did you just lie to yourself and tried to spew a bunch of weakness of why you are too busy and can never find the time, or that will take too much work to get there.

Life is short…you get only one go around and only one body and mind to take you through the journey. Don’t you want the fastest and most powerful vehicle for your journey? A well maintained vehicle with a strong frame and a enormously powerful engine will get you back and forth to California multiple times for many years to come.

See you guys tomorrow!

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