Ranch Recap

Ranch Recap

21 competitors and a slew of supporters

Last weekend a whole platoon of competitors and supporters traveled to Troy Ohio for one of the most unique and creative Crossfit competitions around…BACK AT THE RANCH. We were apart of the first one last year and what a difference a year can make. Not only did we bring a ton more folks, our teams fared much better, including one team making the finals and two teams finishing in the top ten.

The first event was a team obstacle course:

over the top
up the hill
to the wall
up the wall
over the wall
down the balance beam
sprint towards the logs
up and over
stone carry finish

Event #2 was a team relay consisting of double kb thrusters, one arm barbell snatches, burpees, and sprint/swim.

Event #3 was a mix of pullups, hatchet throwing, handstand pushups, horseshoe throwing, and barbell thruster tossing.

Then it came time for the finals. We were fortunate enough to have one team make the cut for the finals. Each team had to run/carry a 160lb slosh pipe around a .6 mile trail into the pond for a 2 person 20ft rope climb out of the water. As awesome as it sounds.

Overall it was a fantastic event run by fantastic people at Practice Crossfit. Looking forward to next year. If you’re interested in being apart of this awesomeness. We’d love to lead you down the path to awesomeness. Our next beginners program kicks off this Tuesday at 630pm. Email dale@www.pskccrossfit.com to grab a slot!

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