Putting in work…

Putting in work…

The 6 and 7pm crews got after another Training Room inspired kettlebell beatdown. Here’s what we did..
30 seconds non-stop of the following..
Weak Arm KB swings
Weak arm KB Cleans
Weak arm KB push press
Weak arm KB racked squat
swing switch…then go down the strong arm side…for a total of 4 minutes nonstop work.

Diane’s face shows that managing the lactic acid is a bitch..

There was a 5 burpee penalty if you set the bell down…happy to report both classes were burpee free.

There can be only one Z Beast…notice how Z is rocking good form while her partner Primetime has to resort to the support position :) 

After the classes were over it was time for the crew of 20 Lady Bears Softball team came in and annihilated the place! Damn these girls are getting nasty….I honestly feel sorry for whoever faces these chicks on the field in the spring time. We partnered them up into 2 woman teams…gave them a 10-1 ladder workout of 5 exercises and simply said..”who will be the first to finish?”

Nothing like adding a little friendly competition to raise the intensity level…see below:

Amazing work ladies…be very proud of what you’ve accomplished in a short time. It’s truly an honor and pleasure to work with you all. Keep it up…
We are doing a special kettlebell intro this Saturday at 10am…come on in and check us out and change your life…
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