Pushing for Hospice

Pushing for Hospice

rolling deep to the start point

This past Saturday the crew rallied at the SOMC Hospice for the annual Hike for Hospice fundraiser.  Our original plan was to rotate out 2 person crews and pull a flatbed trailer. Unfortunately, after we tested the trailer out, it just wasn’t gonna work. So as usual we adapt, improvise, and overcome…put the truck in neutral and it became a 5K truck push!

I want to thank the crew of approximately 20 folks who came out to donate to a great cause and be apart of a great team that pushed that heavy sumbitch for over 3 miles. Including the last portion which was all uphill.

It truly was a great day to go be awesome! We’d love to have you apart of the team. Our next intro is going down this Wednesday at 6:30pm. Come on down..

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