Push Press

Push Press

Wednesday’s Workout..the C.U.W. was howling at the moon!

Tonight was another jam packed day at both the morning and evening classes. We started with some heavy KB push presses. The key is get a solid clean expand the belly with air, load the hips and explode up into the lockout. Elbow needs to locked, head in front, palm facing away. At the top the kettlebell will be stacked and aligned with the body. See below for a good and bad example.

Ash with the 70lber. Perfect finish position. Elbow locked, palm facing forward. 
Mighty Joe with Goldie (106). Although he got it up, his hand/shoulder is externally rotated WAY too far. 

Take a look at the photos for a comparison. Not knocking Joe here, just happened to catch the lift at the right time. Full disclosure, this was his weak hand! He can lift a house no doubt, but when proper technique is utilized he could lift a mansion and save impact on the joints in the meantime.

Here’s a quick look into the finisher. Don’t know why there’s no sound…

Also, we are taking another order for the kickass USMC/PSKC shirts. The cost is $20. If you want to grab one make sure you sign up in the gym. Also, let your friends know we’re doing another intro this Saturday at 10am!

Don’t forget your mobility homework! I just dried my tears from doing 5 minutes of the couch stretch while watching Dexter.

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