On Saturday we had approximately 40 future USMC recruits along with around 15 Portsmouth High School Football players come down for a 1/2 day evolution of mental and physical development.

We started the day with some classroom instruction on the importance of developing positive self-talk in order to forge mental toughness. Additionally, we hit on the 8 step Troop Leading Procedures to assist in leadership development.

After the classroom instruction portion was complete we broke into a group warmup and provided instruction on a proper air squat and pushup.

We then broke into 6 man squads where each squad needed to gather 25lbs of weight per person to be carried a 1/2 mile to the next objective. At the objective it was time to put into practice the earlier lessons of mental toughness and teamwork via levee bear crawls.

Of course for those who refused to take proper care of themselves and make smart decisions. The wizard took some victims.

After death by bear crawl was over, it was time to return to base via a 1/2 mile truck push loaded with a couple hundred pounds.

We’d like to thank our future warriors for coming out, the amazing staff at RSS Huntington, all the volunteers who donated their time to help, and the young men on the football team to chose to challenge themselves.

Looking forward to the next time!

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