PSKC + Paleo = Transformation

PSKC + Paleo = Transformation

20FEB12 – 16MAR12

If you’ve been following the blog, by now you know several members from the gym just completed the 25 Day Paleo Challenge, myself included. This was the first time in my life I ever stuck to a strict no cheating way of eating for a lengthy period of time. I wasn’t going to challenge the folks from my gym if I wasn’t willing to pony up myself.

My whole life I’ve been a chubby kid at heart. I don’t have greek god genetics where I can eat whatever I want, not exercise and not gain weight. Early on in elementary school let’s just say all my jeans said “husky” on them. It wasn’t until I started playing football and hit a growth spurt that I started getting more vertical than horizontal.

From high school through college through the military I was always right around 200-205lbs. Always very active and loved working out. Upon exiting the military and moving back home to Portsmouth…I continued to work out and I worked out. But I always ate hard too…I started gaining weight and couldn’t figure out why. Here’s a photo of me from December 2009 on a cruise…and trust me I was sucking it in. I was around 225+ here…

was trying to look way cool…

I had reached my limit and at the same time was asked to start teaching some classes at a loc

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