PSKC Paleo Bowl at the Garage Cafe

PSKC Paleo Bowl at the Garage Cafe

This week saw the introduction of the “PSKC Paleo Bowl” at Portsmouth’s newest restaurant the Garage Cafe. $8 gets you some tasty chicken, turkey bacon, sauteed peppers, gaucamole, salsa, lettuce all that AND a side of fresh fruit and nuts. Perfect Paleo fuel for your awesomeness.

We wanna thank the people at the Garage Cafe for being the first and only restaurant in the area to offer a Paleo meal. They were super supportive, progressive, and loved the idea. They are a great example of a small business doing things right to support their community and reinvesting in downtown. So please go try the Paleo bowl and grab one OFTEN!

Now onto a new gym policy:

1) They aren’t designed to take the excessive force and weight from the standing up position. Hence the reasons we’ve been beating the hell out of them and Handyman working overtime on them. I talked with a few AirDyne gurus and they all concur that your ass needs to be on the seat.
2) It’s harder sitting down. You know it is…so just sit down and enjoy the ride!

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