PSKC Joins Team Red White Blue (RWB) for 9/11 Fundraiser

PSKC Joins Team Red White Blue (RWB) for 9/11 Fundraiser

PSKC is proud to join Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB). Team RWB is a non-profit veteran organization whose vision is to transform the way wounded veterans are reintegrated into society when they return from combat and exit their position.

By definition PSKC is a small veteran owned business and our vision for the gym is greatly influenced by the time I spent in the military. One of our core values is the development of mental and physical fitness through tough, demanding, yet rewarding hard work. This is the one of the key areas Team RWB also believes.

They believe;
“strong relationships between veterans and their fellow Americans are critical to veterans’ reintegration into civilian life as well as our nation’s success. That’s why Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of wounded veterans and their families. Team RWB works toward this mission by focusing on three key areas:

1. Personal connectivity between Veterans with invisible wounds and citizens in the community where they now live

– Community-building events that bring Veterans together with citizens

– Formation of friendships and natural individual relationships

2. Reintegration through physical fitness

– Physical: rebuild the body, give structure to life and bolster self-esteem

– Psychological: help to process experiences from Iraq/Afghanistan

– Social: connect with people to run, bike, workout and be active

3. Galvanization of esprit de corps and team membership

– Bringing back the feeling from the military of pride and being part of a unit”

In order to support such a worthy organization we will participating in the Operation Vigilance workout organized by WOD for Warriors, the functional fitness branch of Team RWB. 
Op Vigilance is:
2730 foot rope climb, May be done as a team.
“The symbolism of this climb lies within the twin towers – 2730 feet was their combined height.   Their formerly imposing stance in the New York City skyline made them a target, and once hit, an impossible situation.  The lesson we must never forget from the day is where necessity meets impossibility, the mentally and physically prepared can step forth and say “follow me”.  Stay ready. Be vigilant.”

Our hopes are right around 12ft high. We will measure to make sure, so that breaks down to 227.5 rope climbs to hit the 2730ft mark. You guys can get into team and knock this out. Also if you’d like to attempt solo or in partners, you can do that as well. Scaling will also be offered for those who have difficulty This would definitely be a boots and BDUs kinda workout. 
In addition to participating in the workout, more importantly, we will be using this opportunity to raise money for Team RWB. We have set a goal of $1000 to donate to this organization. As usual we rely heavily on your generous support to reach this goal. On the day of the event will be collecting donations to be made to Team RWB. 
We have approximately two weeks before Operation Vigilance. Between now and then grab a coach before or after class and we’ll help you with your rope climb technique. We want maximum participation to show that we will never forget and we will always remain vigilant. 
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