PSKC Intro Tuesday 5pm

PSKC Intro Tuesday 5pm

Jack pulling 405 for a triple! 

It was time to break out the new toys!! Kettlebells will always be my first love, but it really doesn’t matter what you use as long as the basics stay the same…

Squat (front, back, overhead, one leg, etc)
Press (strict, jerk, one arm, etc)
Pull (pullup, row, clean, deadlift, snatch, etc)
Run (sprint, long distance, slow, bear crawl)
Jump (burpee, box jump, etc)

Throw them together in as many variations (heavy, light, moderate) in as many different scenarios/combinations as possible (task or time based) and just have fun. You can use barbell, sandbags, kettlebells, stones, kegs…just get after it and have doing it!

So tonight we spent a lot of time perfecting the deadlift technique and then loading up the bar and cheering one another on. Now the next PSKC challenge has been thrown down! The race to 300 or 500!

The first female to deadlift 300lbs and the first male to deadlift 500lbs gets a free month’s membership! The first time we did this with the Turkish Get Up…Shad Ford was the first dude to TGU Goldie (106) and Ashley B was the first chica to TGU the 70lber. So let the race begin!

After working on some heavy triples at the deadlift, we ended with a nasty lil finisher of :
15 deadlifts (185/135)
15 slamball (20/10)
Gate Sprint
3 rounds

Don’t forget to let your friends know there’s less than a handful of intros left to be locked into the $50/month price. The very next one is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5pm! Hope to see some new faces!! Speaking of faces, here are the many faces of deadlifting…enjoy!

Preston the Punisher!
The Commish with a slightly rounded back while pulling a PR of 405
we’re gonna miss C-Glock!

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