PSKC Intro = Tuesday 5pm

PSKC Intro = Tuesday 5pm

May is going to be a busy month at PSKC!

Training for the Hike for Hospice

First up we have the team 5K Kettlebell Carry at the Hike for Hospice in Portsmouth, click HERE for details. We are going to go ahead and cancel the Pain Clinic this Saturday so we can get maximum participation. Plus a couple of us afterwards are heading up to Rogue Fitness for their annual garage sale. People are still trying to get teams together, so please get ahold of one another. It will be a killer workout for an awesome cause. Last Thursday we did a 1 miler and it was a smoker. This will be epic, don’t miss out! If you need more details, email me at:
If you don’t want to do the 5K carry, that’s cool too..just come out and walk and root us on!

Going to be amazingly awesome..

The following Saturday,May 21st we are rocking the inaugural Gauntlet! We’ve got a good number of pre-registrants but we still have some slots available please let your friends know and pass the word along. I went ahead and ordered a bunch of shirts, so we’re gonna go ahead and accept registrations until the morning of the event. However, we are capping the number at 40. Plus, Primetime has been gracious enough to host a post-Gauntlet cookout! Make sure you bring a dish with you. We will have more info available at the gym as far as who needs to bring what.

Finally, the intro for this week is TOMORROW, TUESDAY AT 5PM. Please pass the word along to your friends. We are always looking for hard working, fun loving people to join the PSKC crew!

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