PSKC Intro Saturday 10am

PSKC Intro Saturday 10am

Having fun while is working is permissible even encouraged …

I’ve received a few emails regarding coming to the intro, which is this Saturday at 10am. The common theme is: “I really want to try it out, but I’m just nervous…I’m out of shape, I don’t know if I could handle it.”

Through the blog, Facebook page, or most likely by a friend you’ve heard about the “crazy” workouts. Then the next step is you’ve checked out the photos and videos.

You’re  thinking it “looks cool, but damn that looks hard“. Then sometimes, self-doubt starts to creep in with thoughts of “I can’t do that, I’ll die. I’m not in shape enough to try it out. I don’t want people to see/judge me, etc“.

too busy running from the wizard to worry about what you’re doing or look like

I promise you this, and everyone will back me up… you will not find a more welcoming environment then the people at PSKC. Every single person there has been in your shoes before…shy/nervous not knowing what to expect, they know what you’re going through and that’s why they want to see you succeed. This isn’t some ultra elite private club with snooty members. We love seeing new faces. That’s why we are always telling our friends/families about what we do because we experience the benefits firsthand. There are no egos here, when a 125lb girl crushes you in a workout…it tends to make you eat some humble pie.

No matter you’re current physical condition or whether you never even “worked out” in your life, come down and experience it for yourself. All workouts/movements/exercises are scalable and modified according to the individual’s needs.

a few months ago he would barely say a word…now he loves to show everyone what he can do

Another thing, come now. Don’t hesitate, don’t think you need to get in shape first before you come down. It will end up being wasted time. The best way to “get in shape” for these style of workouts…come down and start doing them. Simple as that, forget the excuses, now is the time to forge ahead and awaken the machine that is your body. Being a stronger and more physically capable person makes you a better person

Where else can you do this?

So we hope to see some new folks this Saturday at 10am. We’d love to have go do your homework, I can imagine all the pain faces doing this lil jewel…

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