PSKC Golf Outing – Saturday

PSKC Golf Outing – Saturday

On Saturday, join us as a crew from the gym will be heading out to the Elks to get our golf on. You suck at golf? Sweet, me too! Come on out anyways and relish the opportunity to laugh and make fun of others. Thanks to the Pride of Sardinia for organizing this! We’re working out the details now, but it will be sometime in the afternoon. Stay tuned to the PSKC Facebook for details.

We followed up Mudder Monday by working some gymnastic movements combining HandStand Pushups and Rope Climbs. We ended the workout with a partner finisher of:
p1= farmers carry to gate
p2=12 wall ball
*20 swing penalty added to end of workout, each time bells had to be set down.

The combination of rope climbing and farmers carrying turned the forearms into “pregnant pythons” (courtesy of Beast Mode). It taxed the grip to say the least!

Now, your shoulders will be tight. Should you just do nothing and then sit around with the Sad Sally face that your tight and have rounded over shoulders? “Hells no dude”…do your homework..

See you ninja/animal hybrids tomorrow. We’ve got the 9am and 6pm options!

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