PSKC Gauntlet

PSKC Gauntlet

The gauntlet was an ancient form of physical punishment dating back thousands of years ago, wherein a person was forced to run between two rows (a gauntlet) of soldiers who struck him with various objects as he/she passed through. The Shawnee Indians forced their prisoners to run the gauntlet as a test of courage and tenacity. If the prisoner survived, they were welcomed as a warrior into the tribe.
Now, PSKC brings you the Gauntlet Challenge! The PSKC Gauntlet is a fitness challenge comprised of 5 events designed to test your strength and conditioning unlike any other fitness competition. 5K races only test your endurance; conversely powerlifting meets only test your maximal strength. The PSKC Gauntlet bridges the gap between those two worlds through a series of events that test both mental and physical fitness. Not to mention an awesome time with awesome people!

Competitors will be tested in the following events:

1. Max number of strict pullups for males; flexed arm hang for time (chin above bar) for females

2. 2 Minute Goblet Squat Test. Scoring is determined by weight used (more points for heavier weight).

3. 5 Minute Kettlebell Snatch Test; maximum number of reps without setting the bell down. Scoring is determined by weight used (more points for heavier weight).

4. 1/2 Mile Carry & Run (1/4 Mile Kettlebell Carry followed by 1/4 Mile Run)

5. Surprise Finisher Event

*Prizes will be awarded to the top overall male and female competitors. Additionally prizes will be awarded to the top 40+ age division of male and female competitors. Prizes are brought to you by our amazing sponsors, Donna Wolery – Farmers Insurance and Kelly Chabot of the Relaxation Station!

WHEN: Saturday May 21st 9:00am-Until Completed (estimating 3 hours plus pizza and beer afterwards)

WHERE: Portsmouth Spartan Kettlebell Club (PSKC), 618 11th St, Portsmouth, OH

COST: $30, includes an awesome t-shirt with pizza and beer (21 and over) afterwards

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: You must register and pay no later than Monday May 2nd. Late registrations will be accepted however you will not receive a t-shirt. To register, simply stop by the gym during class hours and provide the following:

T-Shirt Size

For those who don’t live in the Portsmouth area, contact Dale via email at: to register.

VOLUNTEERS: Can’t compete? We’d love to have you as volunteers. We will need volunteers to judge, keep score (you know Dale can’t do math), and handle registration.


Dale King
Owner, Portsmouth Spartan Kettlebell Club

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