PSKC CrossFit Kids Schedule Update

PSKC CrossFit Kids Schedule Update

An active kid is a happier and smarter kid. Several studies have shown that if your kid is active, he/she is much more likely to excel in school.

According to Trent A. Petrie, PhD:

“Cardiorespiratory fitness was the only factor that we consistently found to have an impact on both boys’ and girls’ grades on reading and math tests…”

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The PSKC CrossFit Kids program is off to a great start in the school year and based on some feedback we’re moving both classes to the afterschool time slots on Tuesday and Thursday. Due to the fact that kids have a lot of games and activities on Saturdays, we’re canceling the Saturdays and adding Thursday.

So if you’d like for kid to be involved in a positive healthy after-school program, we’ve got just the thing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm. For more info email 

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