PSKC Crossfit

PSKC Crossfit

In 2007, I got introduced to CrossFit while serving on active duty. My SF buddy (now FBI Special Agent) keeps showing a weird website with people doing all kinds of crazy shit. He finally convinces me to do it at the base gym…the workout was “Filthy 50”. 55 minutes I wobbled into the locker room dry heaving….did not finish. It was awful…it was humbling…it was CrossFit.

It remained with me as I moved back to Ohio. I quickly searched out the closest affiliate in Ohio at that time…it turned out to be a small gym called Rogue Fitness, the head trainer was a guy named Bill Henniger. I did a couple of private one on one sessions so I could figure out what the hell I was doing. At the time Bill mentioned he was creating a small start up company designed to supply/manufacture Crossfit equipment….amazing what can happen in 6 years.

I fell in love in kettlebells and picked up my first Crossfit cert in 2009 at the Crossfit Kettlebell course. After being asked to teach some kettlebell classes at a local gym in 6 months we were getting too big for the room. In 2010, I took some money out of savings and opened the roll up doors to PSKC. All we had was a couple mats, kettlebells, boxes, and a rig. I was hoping to make it through each month, let alone survive the year.

September 2010

Fast forward to now and we’re running out of space! Stock full of bumpers, bars, rowers, airdynes, jerk boxes

and most importantly amazing members…people who are not longer just PSKC members…but Crossfitters, members of a global fitness revolution of “people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice“. Our goal was always to be an affiliate “one day”…before we pulled the trigger we wanted to give you all the best we could offer. Crossfit at its purest form, as it’s designed to be:
1) Fueled by passion for the betterment of our members
2) Dedicated to forging a stronger community
3) Exhilarated to teach functional fitness

Day by day we built slowly, evolved along the way, and got valuable experience. Every dollar earned and every lesson learned was invested right back inside those walls.

So it’s now official….but hold on…the journey of awesomeness is just beginning. We are honored to have you with us!

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