PSKC at the Arnold

PSKC at the Arnold

It was an amazing weekend at the Arnold. 4 of the crew from PSKC (Garett, Mo, Shep, and myself) went up to get some great workouts in amongst amazing athletes. The caliber of competitors there was unreal. The top 50% of male competitors finished the first workout “Fran” 21-15-9 of Thrusters (95/65 and pullups) in under 4 minutes.

Below are shots of the Fran “after”:

After the Fran workout you’re placed on a team to compete in different workouts. I got slotted in the 30 toes to bar and 21 clean and jerk workout. Mo got placed on the 5 burpee to wall jump and 3 rope climb workout.

Then after the 2nd event, the last workout of day 1 (we couldn’t stay for day 2) was a team event where a 3 person team had 2 barbells loaded at 135 lbs for men 95 for women. The workout was get to 90 reps of clean and jerks as fast as possible between the 3 teammates.

In addition to being able to workout/compete in such an awesome environment, it was really cool to being able watch first hand some of Crossfit’s top athletes workout. Here is a small clip that I captured from my phone of the beginning of the King Kong workout which is jump over the wall, 1 deadlift at 455, 2 muscle ups, 3 squat cleans at 250, 4 handstand pushups, then scale up the wall and repeat for 3 times. The video only shows the first few exercises, you enough to show these guys are unreal. 
Here are some shots that Garett took…
All in all it was a great time and awesome environment. Everyone was kind, friendly, and supportive. Also, it made us all realize there’s so much room for improvement and a lot of areas to be trained. One of the things I took away was the importance of nutrition. All throughout the day I saw time and time again the top athletes all had their meals in containers munching on meat, almond butter, fruit, etc in between events. They truly practice what they preach….lesson learned. 
Next year, it’s my goal to get more of the PSKC family out there to experience it firsthand. On May 21st, we’ll have our little version of a challenge with the PSKC Gauntlet at the gym. More details to follow, but you guys will love it!
In closing here’s a clip of the top Crossfit athletes killing the clean and jerk workout. But they were only permitted to have 2 people on a team and had to complete all 90 reps! The top team finished in the same amount of time that it took my 3 person team…unreal. See you guys on Monday at the 6 or 7 class!
Practice Crossfit recaps the weekend here:
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