PSKC Around the World..

PSKC Around the World..

Repping PSKC in the down under…

Portsmouth, Ohio: population of approximately 20,000

Worldwide Internet users: approximately 2 billion

The Internet can do some pretty damn cool things. To the willing there isn’t a single topic that you can’t learn about. From cold fusion, to Hinduism, to advanced mathematics, to sports, to news, and even about kettlebells…knowledge is a click away. 

A pretty cool feature for a website and/or Facebook page is an analytics app. It basically tells you how many page hits/visits you get and where they are coming from. Every couple weeks I’ll take a look and see how traffic is looking for the blog. I’m always amazed at the reach we have outside of Scioto County. Since we started up our website, here’s a list of countries were people log on and visit the blog:







United Kingdom








At first I thought these folks must have stumbled upon our site by accident (as I’m sure most of them have), but then each month I began to notice a steady amount of folks visit the blog from those countries on a routine basis. Pretty damn cool, giving a little Appalachian American kettlebell culture to the world can’t be a bad thing.

Then it really hit home when we got in our new hoodies and shirts, I received two separate emails from two guys in Australia (on separate sides of the continent nonetheless), asking if they could buy some PSKC gear. It was one of the cooler things that has happened. It wasn’t the fact that these guys wanted to shirts, it was what they told me.

Bobby wrote:
“I’m a big fan of your gym and what you do and represent. It’s very inspiring to see how in touch with your community you and the gym are and what you guys do to help better it.  I would like to one day run a business with sense of community like that.  The training programs, videos and everything have provided me with heaps of awesome stuff that I have been using with my clients and groups as well, so for that I say thank you.  Buying a hoody and representing like that is a small way of showing some love.  It is indeed a weird and wonderful world the internet..”

Bobby from all the way in Saint Kilda, Austraila

After David, from Bridgetown Austraila (10467 miles from Portsmouth) received his hoodie, he emailed me:
“Got the hoodie mate! It’s a ripper. Really well made, even the “Boss” was impressed. Do I freak my neighbours out climbing ropes in the trees of my backyard….yes, do I freak my neighbours out smashing an old tractor tyre with a sledge…yes I do. Do they look at me weird when they see me lifting and throwing an old log around over and over again….Yep! At least I can look a little more presentable now”

David down in Bridgetown, Austraila

It’s truly humbling to see people out and about in town proudly representing their PSKC gear, let alone get awesome photos of people across the world. But this photo of J.J. wearing his hoodie as he was heading out to Recruit training for the USMC made my heart feel the warmest…

God speed brother..

So to those outside our small town, thank you for logging in and checking us out. We are proud of our tiny town. Our town like the world has some problems, but nothing that can’t be fixed as long as there’s good people willing to do what needs to be done…

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