PSKC 25 Paleo Challenge – 20FEB12 – 16MAR12

PSKC 25 Paleo Challenge – 20FEB12 – 16MAR12

It’s time to put up or shut up and be honest.

The majority of this post is me talking to me. Yes, I eat “good” (undefined term) the “majority” (undefined term) of the time. I ravage my cheat days like Wal-Mart gets ravaged on the first of the month. I train like a wild man..I squat, press, deadlift, swing, run, snatch, sweat…so much so that I rationalize that a couple pieces of “organic” chocolate won’t hurt.

Or more likely, hey I know Saturday is still 12 hours away but I can start my cheat day now (6pm on Friday). Then suddenly I wake up Sunday morning and still half a box of pizza is left…what do you do? You don’t wanna be wasteful so you turn on the TV and catch up on the DVR (new season of Swamp People “choot em!”) while enjoying the bacon/mushroom/extra cheese goodness. Then you immediately get baboon ass and spend somewhere along the lines of 90-120 minutes on the toilet Facebooking on the Ipad asking yourself why the hell does it fell like an alien is trying to escape my ass?

It’s time to get better, yes I’m a food addict. I love me some sugary processed goodness. I was raised on it. It’s time to finally get over the hump. And you guys are gonna do it with me. This Monday, as a gym we are going to start our strict 25 Paleo challenge. It just happens to coincide perfectly with the beginning of the Crossfit Open, an even better excuse!

So how the hell do we do this? You commit to eating good Paleo foods for 25 days straight. From 20FEB – 15MAR, no excuses, no justifying, no rationalizing, no cheat days, and yes my dear friends…NO ALCOHOL (even Miller Lite and/or Yeungling).

You will learn to cook, you will learn to choose which foods to eat. Yes YOU will do all these things…but WE will do them all TOGETHER…leaning, supporting, and learning from one another each step/each day.

One of the several takeaways from the seminar was the “3 life saving C’s”:

1) Community
2) Consistency
3) Competiveness

Community: As mentioned before we will do this together. Having a bad day, don’t feel like it..want to quit or cheat. Post it to the PSKC Facebook page. Reach out for help and you’ll get it. Also be ready to give help too. Everytime you prepare or eat a meal. Take a photo of it and upload it to the wall if you like. Share recipes, share knowledge, help one another…

Consistency: This is an easy one. For 25 days you are going to COMMIT to eating incredibly healthy. For some of you this won’t be that big of a deal as you’ve been eating this way for awhile (minus your cheat days). For some, the thought of going without dairy and/or grains is like asking you to give up your right arm. We’ve been there. You will notice withdraw symptoms…GET THROUGH IT. It’s easy to quit on yourself…it’s much more difficult to quit on your teammates (see #1). I do ask you to be 100% brutally honest. If you stumble along the it to Facebook and “confess”.

Competiveness: On Feburary 19th I encourage each of you to take the dreaded cell phone pic in your undies. Don’t worry I’m not asking you to post it to Facebook, unless you want to. I also want you to weigh in, although this is less important to me. We will also do a timed workout on Monday 20FEB that we will repeat on Thursday 16FEB. Make sure you’re using WODSTACK to record your times. Then of course on the 25th day I want you to take another bathroom cell pic along with weighing yourself. The person with the biggest change will get a free month membership.
*I would encourage you to get before and after bloodwork done as well. Although this isn’t mandatory, it will show you an incredible amount of just how healthy this way of eating really is.

So here’s what you need to eat taken directly from the Paleo Seminar. (Usual disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist/dietician nor do I ever want to be one. Research/study/experiment for yourself)

Fish – Tilapia, White Fish, Roughy, Salmon, Tuna, Mahi, Swordfish, various Shellfish and the like. There are many more choices here, but you get the idea.
Beef – Broils, Roasts, Hamburgers, Steaks, all cuts, shapes, sizes adn what-have-you’s. Again eat the damn cow.
Poultry – Turkey, Chicken, Duck
Pork – pigs
Eggs – chicken, goose and so forth. (eggs contain lysozyme, which is an enzyme some of us find very irritating and poisonous) If you’re unsure if your allegric, eliminate eggs for the 25 days, then reintroduce and watch for changes
*Locally grown, organic, and grass-fed are what you should aim to get.

Nuts/seeds – almonds, macadamia, cashews, filbers, walnuts, and the like (peanuts are legumes). Sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin seeds
Coconut – oil and flakes. No sugar added
Oils – coconut, avocado, walnut, olive
Butter – Grass fed only, ghee
Meats – your meats have fats

Broccoli, green beans, asparagus, spaghetti squash, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, spinach, onions, and many more, as long as they are free from heavy starches and carbs, they are usually fine.

Sugars/sweets – pop, candy, honey, juices
Grains/Cereals/Corn/Gluten/Wheat/Oats/Rice/Anything resembling or containing such items
Most Dairy – Again ghee is OK, and raw unprocessed milk may be allowable for some of us on occasion, but as a general rule. Keep the cheeses, yogurts, shakes, and creams at the store where they belong.
Cereal/Grain-like – amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa
Legumes – beans, peas, peanut butters, lentils, soy
Starchy Vegetables – potatoes, yams, cassava
Fruit – unless you’re very lean avoid all together. If you’re lean, and still want maximum health, avoid this heavily glycating substance
Alcohol – Come on?!

This is it…take it or leave it. You can walk the path or stray away from it. You are in charge of creating your success or creating failure.

Don’t forget tomorrow at 5pm we are having another Beginners Program start. Get in while you can, the next one may not be for a week or two!

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