Private Coaching Available

Private Coaching Available

Our bread and butter comes from the group strength and conditioning classes we offer. As a matter of fact we encourage most folks to attend those classes because there is such an incredible benefit by training with an amazing and supportive cast of characters.

Whenever possible train with people who are stronger than you…

However, we do understand that our schedule may not be work for you. Or maybe you have a specific goal you’d like to achieve/work on (Olympic lifts, powerlifting, training for a sport). Due to these reasons, our coaches are available for private training.

If you’d like to set up a private session(s) just shoot me an email at: and we’ll get you hooked up.

Now, onto some more important news. Coach CUW and “Baby Mama” gave birth to beautiful baby Eva this afternoon! She came into the world howling all the way weighing close to 8lbs and squat cleaned the axle bar. Although we’ll need to see video evidence.

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